Had a sore throat last week. 2 weeks of holidays began on Saturday. Was supposed to be snowboarding. Ended up in hospital Saturday night having trouble breathing through very swollen tonsils. Need pain killers just to swallow some soup. Bored out of my brain decided to start a website about all the adventures I could be having. Enjoy.
9/30/2012 06:45:52 pm

Oh no T! I think icecream is good for sore throats and deflated dreams. Excellent job on the website though, a silver lining perhaps?

3/6/2019 12:42:27 pm

Found your site through your blurb on gemstone bay, then couldn’t find anything from the homepage except pages where I was supposed to contribute. Unless I accidentally fell upon the one page with actual info on it (the gemstone bay page) I assume that there is other content that I can’t access from the homepage. Can you help?


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